Allison & Dean

Villa Howden is one of Tasmania's most popular locations for elopements and perfect for winter weddings, with both indoor and outdoor options for ceremonies and portraits. Allison and Dean opted to have a private 'first look' at one another before their intimate ceremony began, which I set up in the dining room and photographed through the viewpoint of a mirror. Afterwards we followed the winter light drawing us to a small open window at the top of the staircase where Allison gazed out to the parking lot to check for the arrival of guests and I caught Dean reflecting on his beautiful bride through the glass.  A mural hanging on a nearby wall made provided some soft texture as a backdrop for some close ups of the couple sharing their anticipation. The ceremony went off without a hitch and was witnessed by a small, close circle of family and a few friends. More portraits were capture outside the property on a walk through the bush and among reeds of tall grasses. After I left, Allison and Dean's small wedding party headed off to a reception where the rest of their friends were waiting and expecting an engagement party and surprised to find the couple "just married!"

Villa Howden