Ananda & David


On the first day of Spring, Ananda and David quietly eloped at Tarraleah in Tasmania's remote, central highlands, where I found a secret spot for portraits sheltered by temperate rainforest. Given it was just the two of them and the natural light drops off early this time of year, I took photographs both before, and after, the bride and groom were officially married by celebrant, David Closs. Due to rain showers, the ceremony took place by a cozy fire in the comfort of the library at luxurious Tarraleah Lodge. As David personally vowed to "work on this relationship with a single minded determination" and "be the keeper of your heart and the protector of your spirit," he had to wipe a tear from Ananda's eye. I hid a tear of my own from behind my lens when David went on to say to his beautiful bride, "I love you because you are equal parts sentimental and temperamental." Such gorgeous words, so lovely to hear. Afterwards, it rained, we walked, and love was all around

1 September 2014, Tarraleah