Georgina + Alex

1 October 2016

So much laughter, so many tears and so much LOVE expressed throughout Alex & Georgina's amazing wedding day, my first of peak season 2016-2017 and a great start to my tenth year working as a wedding photographer! Georgina and the girls got ready at historic Hadley's Orient Hotel, where the lovely couple's ceremony was held also. Alex & the boys spruced themselves up at home with time to spare on a toast at the bar and some family photos prior to waiting for the stunning bride to walk down the beautifully styled aisle. Much to many of the male guests' dismay, the couple were married on Grand Final Day, as they actually met on that day some years before! Ah, the things we do for our dearest friends (i.e. avoid checking the score on one of the most memorable games ever played and instead pay full attention to the couple exchanging their vows)! In all seriousness, no one complained nor would have been anywhere else but by this engaging couple's side in support of their obviously well-matched union. Emotion between the two of them, as well as expressed by their family and friends was too easy to capture spontaneously. That dip as Alex kissed his bride was performed perfectly, and everyone enjoyed witnessing their happiness. I have to say I never had more fun with the family portraits before and afterwards, with such a relaxed bunch of joyful people. Big personalities were out in full force, my favourite subject being Alex's sassy grandma! Spot Georgina's gorgeous Matron of Honour, who is obviously related and tell me if she looks more like her mother or her sister. Moving on to the portraits of the bride and Hadley's, I had to ask for access to a guest room's balcony for some Romeo & Juliet-type shots, and upon arrival of the Peppermint Bay cruise, some more reminiscent of the Titanic. Well, not really, but you get the picture. Georgina and Alex gave me so much playfulness and romance to work with, the portraits of just the two of them were a breeze to capture so naturally and beautifully, assisted by the soft, waning light of early Spring. At dusk, some night shots lit by spotlights shining on the couple and reflecting pool as well as silhouetted by the shape of a well-lit heart gave me some great ambiance to work with and produced some more arty shots. The reception kicked off with the couple's first dance upon entrance, and surprised me with their family being invited on to the floor to join them in a heartfelt circle of love and outpouring of overwhelming emotion generated by the pure love and warmth between special people, altogether celebrating such a significant day in the lives of their loved one. Not only did Georgina & Alex marry on Grand Final Day, but it was also Georgina's grandparents' wedding anniversary, made even more poignant by the fact that her beloved grandfather had a health scare earlier in the week and left his hospital bed to be there. I could not help but shed some tears of my own behind the lens listening to such heartfelt speeches. Especially one delivered by Georgina's brother, who so obviously looked up to his sister with so much genuine respect and admiration, and was unafraid to show it. I hope those who view these images are equally as moved as I was when I took them...xx

ANTICIPATION: Hadley's Orient Hotel & a private residence

I DO: Hadley's Orient Hotel

JUST MARRIED: Hadley's Orient Hotel & Peppermint Bay

PARTY ON: Peppermint Bay

HAIR: Amanda Clout

MAKE-UP: Claire Hunt

STYLIST: Event Avenue

PHOTOGRAPHER: Love Jennifer | Photography by Jennifer Skabo

georgiealesblog 10.jpg

Emma & Brad

Emma & Brad's wedding at Woodbridge Hill Hideaway was one of my favourites of peak season 2015-2016 and has been featured as a real wedding in the latest edition of Bride Tasmania magazine! Purchase your online digital copy today at: and read all about Emma & Brad's wedding day on pages 150-153. xxx

ANTICIPATION: Urban Townhouse, North Hobart

I DO: Woodbridge Hill Hideaway

JUST MARRIED: Woodbridge Hill Hideaway

Kate & Alex


More rural weddings please! I adored photographing this one at York Plains, in the heart of the
Tasmanian midlands. Kate and her bridesmaids got ready at her parents' property where I enjoyed exploring their rustic farmhouse and sprawling countryside. Kate's gown was worn by her own mother AND grandmother, which had retained a small red wine stain on it from her parents' wedding day. What amazed me most was Kate's pearl necklace, which was hand strewn with horsehair and has been in her family since the 1820's! The series of shots where her mother clasps the beads around Kate's neck makes me feel a bit teary. Such beautiful portraits of mother and daughter traditionally sharing their family legacy. St. Peter's Church in Oatlands overflowed with guests from the farming community, and even allowed Alex to bring his dear dog (you'll note reserved a front row seat). Kate and Alex were low fuss, wanting to spend the majority of their wedding day mingling with guests rather than mucking around with any fancy photos. So our private portrait session of the wedding party was the fastest I have ever had to operate, but still managed to capture some gorgeous shots. My absolute favourites are the two black & white shots of Kate, and of the couple, walking their dogs across "Paddy's" paddock as they race towards the horizon...


ANTICIPATION: Private Property, Sorell Springs, York Plains

I DO: St. Peter's Church, Oatlands

JUST MARRIED: Paddy's Paddock, Private Property, Sorell Springs, York Plains

PARTY ON: Garden Paddock, Sorell Springs, York Plains

HAIR STYLIST: The Terrace Hair, Launceston

MAKE-UP ARTIST: The Terrace Hair, Launceston

MUSIC: Fanny & Dan